You’ve Heard About Slow Food. Get Ready For Slow Tequila.

Your first experience with tequila probably involved shots, preceded by salt licked sloppily from the back of your hand, and a wedge of lime for biting down on afterward. Now that you’re all grown up, of course, you know that tequila doesn’t have to be this way. And, actually, it shouldn’t be. Mexico’s most famous spirit has a long, rich history and should be enjoyed as such. Fine 100% agave tequilas are made to be sipped rather than slammed. A precious few are made using such a painstakingly artisanal process that it would be a shame to throw them down your gullet without savoring them. (read more)


The Tea Wizard: A Personality Test For Tea Drinkers

It may sound like a euphemism for a prolific weed dealer, but the “Tea Wizard” turns out to be a legit tool for finding real tea – specifically, the right tea blend to suit you.

Launched recently by specialty tea purveyor Art of Tea, it’s like a personality test for prospective tea drinkers. Just visit the Art of Tea’s website, then answer the questions to find out which types of tea match your own individual profile. (read more)


Drinking Is A Science (Seriously) And This Book Is Proof (Literally)

Science is all around us: in our skies and oceans, our cars and computers, even in our glasses. For most of us, bellying up to the bar for a pint of beer or a shot of whiskey isn’t the start of a scientific investigation. For Adam Rogers, an editor at Wired magazine, it was. Even before he came of age, the bottles in his parents’ liquor cabinet roused his curiosity. His new book, Proof: The Science of Booze, aims to answer the very essence of the question, “What are you drinking?” (read more)


Food Republic Coffee Power Rankings

You may have made the switch from hot to iced for the summer, but that doesn’t make you any less serious a coffee freak. So, you’ll want to keep abreast of all the latest tastemakers and trailblazers working in the industry today. Find out what’s brewing (and who’s brewing it), from microroasters of the moment to badass baristas to those who grow the precious cherries that will eventually become your morning cup. The Food Republic Coffee Power Rankings help keep you on top of the who’s who of coffee so you can rest assured you’re caffeinating in style. Here’s the latest edition: (read more)


Agave Is For Lovers: The Return of Blanco Tequila

–by Matt Rodbard

And what most tequila experts will also tell you? “Blanco is what’s up,” says Chantal Martineau, author of How the Gringoes Stole Tequila, a Michael Pollan like take on the tequila industry, scheduled to be published next year. “The flavor of cooked agave is sweet and caramelized, like cooked pumpkin, and blanco is definitely the best way to experience this flavor because it’s not being covered up by the flavors oak imparts — mainly vanilla, toffee and cedar.” (read more)


7 Reasons to Visit Mexico City

Known to locals and jet-setters simply as the D.F. (short for Distrito Federal), Mexico City is an electric destination in the midst of a cultural revival. The nearly 500-year-old capital’s well-deserved reputation on the international arts circuit, along with a new crop of hip restaurants, bars and boutiques, is inspiring locals and luring travellers. From stylish dining and shopping spots in the Roma and Condesa neighbourhoods to the bustling, vendor-filled streets and landmark architecture of the Colonia Centro, you’ll find plenty of reasons to visit (and keep coming back). (read more)

Around the World in 80 Wine Varietals: Tempranillo

Winemaking regions are often beautiful places. If you had to rank them, Rioja, in northern Spain, would surely fall into the world’s top ten. It lays south of the Cantabria mountain range, along the Ebro river, all rolling green hills and quaint medieval villages. La Rioja is also the spiritual home of Tempranillo, Spain’s noblest grape. (read more)


Airports Are Stepping Up Their Coffee Game

Even the staunchest coffee geek caves at the airport and springs for Dunkin’ Donuts or whatever else is available. Why? It’s usually all you got. But several airports around North America are ramping up their coffee service to include single origin brews, specially trained baristas and pastries made by local chefs.

Food and beverage operator OTG has partnered with several local craft roasters, including Irving Farm in New York, Dogwood Coffee in Minneapolis and Sense Appeal in Toronto, as well as with Caffé Vita nationally to offer travelers a better pre-flight caffeinating experience. (read more)


Around The World In 80 Wine Varietals: Sangiovese

Italian wine is complicated. Never mind that there are hundreds of grapes with hard-to-pronounce names indigenous to Italy and that the same genetic variety can have several different monikers depending on where it’s grown. The wines themselves are organized according to a strict hierarchy. It can be tricky for wine novices and even self-proclaimed oenophiles to decipher Italy’s complex wine classification system. (read more)


TOMS Shoes Branches Out Into Coffee


You probably first noticed the shoes six years ago. TOMS classic canvas slip ons are functional, practical and cute to boot. And when you learned that for every pair sold, the company gives a pair of shoes to a child in need, you probably went out and bought some. Five years after its 2006 launch, TOMS proposed a similar concept with eyewear, donating eye care to someone in need for every pair of glasses sold. Now, it’s applying its One for One model to a new effort: coffee beans for you, water for a community that needs it. (read more)


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